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Basic information

  • Dataset: 
  • Locus/transcript information: 

Genomic structure

  • Chromosome number: 
  • Strand:  + - both
  • Genomic position:  from to bp
  • Splice-site sequences: 
  • Retrotransposon:  LTR LINE SINE SINE (Alu only)

AS genomic structure

  • Number of RASV:  from to
  • AS location:  5'-end  Internal  3'-end 
  • AS pattern: 
    Cassette exon  (including multiple cassette)
    Alternative 3' splice 
    Alternative 5' splice 
    Mutually exclusive exon 
    Retained intron 
    Alternative first exon 5'-end
    Alternative last exon 3'-end

Protein annotation

  • ORF length:  from to aa
  • Protein motif: 
  • GO: 
  • Subcellular localization signal: 
    WoLF PSORT TargetP
  • Transmembrane domain:  TMHMM SOSUI
  • Aberrant ORF:  NMD (PTC)

AS protein annotation

  • Difference in length of encoded protein:  from to aa
  • AS region:  5'UTR CDS 3'UTR
  • AS affecting protein function: 
    Protein motif GO Subcellular localization signal Transmembrane domain
  • Complex AS pattern:  Bridged Nested Multiple CDS

AS comparative genomics analysis

  • Compared species: 
  • Conservation of RASV: 
    Non-conserved Genome-conserved Transcript-conserved
    Equally-spliced variant (ESV) Conserved AS
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