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H-InvDB_9.0 released on May 27, 2015.
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METI Life science integrated database portal site

MEDALS(METI Database portal for LifeScience) MEDALS (medals.jp)
METI Database portal for LifeScience
Hyperlink Management System Hyperlink Management System
MEDALS is a portal site that provides various information on databases and analysis tools for life science which were developed by the projects directly sponsored by METI, or developed by the Institutes sponsored by METI. Hyperlink Management System is a tool for automatically updating and maintaining hyperlinks among major biological databases. We update correspondence tables of data IDs daily.

H-InvDB main views

Locus view Locus view
Locus annotation view
Transcript view Transcript view
Transcript annotation view
H-InvDB provides annotation items for each HIX (H-Invitational cluster) in Locus view, such as genome mapping, gene structure, alternative splicing variants, gene-expression profiles, disease related information, etc. H-InvDB provides annotation items for each HIT (H-Invitational transcript) in Transcript view, such as gene function, predicted CDS, InterProScan, GO, subcellular localization, protein 3D structure (GTOP), evolutionary analysis, etc. The previous name for the view was cDNA view (mRNA view).
Protein view Protein view
Protein annotation view

H-InvDB newly provides annotation items for each HIP (H-Invitational protein) in Protein view, such as protein function, subcellular localization, post-translational modification (PTM), protein 3D structure (GTOP), protein-protein interaction (PPI), etc.

H-InvDB sub-databases

G-integra G-integra
genome browser
Human ANatomic Gene Expression Library
G-integra is an original genome browser, in which we can browse physical maps of human, mouse, rat, chimpanzee, etc. genome and the gene structures. H-ANGEL is a database of expression profiles of human genes. Gene expression data in normal adult human tissues that were generated by three types of methods and in seven different platforms were collected and categorized into 10 and 40 major tissues
Evola Evola
database of evolutionary annotation
DiseaseInfo Viewer DiseaseInfo Viewer
disease information database
Evola is a database of evolutionary annotation of human genes. It provides sequence alignments and phylogenetic trees of ortholog genes among human and model organisms. DiseaseInfo Viewer is a database of known and orphan genetic diseases and their relation to H-Inv loci with OMIM and MutationView.
PPI view PPI view
human protein-protein interaction (PPI)
Gene family/group Gene family/group
annotation of gene families/groups
The PPI view displays H-InvDB human protein-protein interaction (PPI) information. H-InvDB Gene Families/Groups are human-curated annotation datasets for the selected gene families/groups.

H-InvDB satellite databases&tools

Human Protein Complex Database
with a complex quality index
H-Inv extended protein sequence database
PCDq is a database of a comprehensive annotation of human protein-protein interaction (PPI), together with the protein complexes identified from the PPI network from six PPI databases. H-EPD provides comprehensive, non-redundant human protein sequences, including both curated and predicted human proteins. It was made by merging H-Inv proteins (predicted from transcriptome) with UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot and RefSeq proteins (curated). H-EPD was designed as a reference database for human proteome research.
Literature-Extracted GENe-Disease Associations
Transcriptome Auto-annotation Conducting Tool
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database of the alternative splicing (AS)
VaryGene VarySysDB
database of annotated human polymorphism
H-DBAS is a database of human alternative splicing variants. The representative AS variants (RASV) were selected among the cluster of AS variants which have the same genomic (exon-intron) structure. It offers annotated human polymorphism information of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on splice sites and transcripts, deletion-insertion polymorphisms (DIPs), short tandem repeats (STRs), single amino acid repeats (SARs), structural variation (or copy number variations: CNVs), linkage disequilibrium regions, and their relations to the genome, transcripts, and functional domains.
DNA ProbeLocator DNA ProbeLocator
Web tool to map and browse DNA array probes
H-Exp H-Exp
Human gene expression profile database
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G-compass G-compass
A web tool for comparative genomics
Web Service H-InvDB web service
G-compass is a web tool for comparative genomics, which can browse conserved regions based on the genome alignments of human-chimpanzee, human-mouse and human-rat. This provides BLAST search against the conserved regions and Keyword search by Gene symbol etc. Sliding window analysis of substitution rates and GC contents for each conserved region can be graphically shown in the Main view. H-InvDB Web service provide the various SOAP and REST APIs to use H-InvDB data.
Any one can use the servise to develop the application using H-InvDB Web service.
Gene Diversity Database System
H-InvDB Enrichment Analysis Tool (HEAT)
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Related tool: SNP-system
A data-mining tool for automatically identifying features specific to a given human gene set by searching H-InvDB.