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4.3 Protein view

H-InvDB provides annotation items in graphical and text-based table views for each HIP (H-Invitational protein) in Protein view.

Fig. 4.3.1 Summary view of Protein view

The text based views for Protein view can be selected by the pull-down menu at the top of Protein view within three data formats listed below;

The graphical view of Protein view consists of following sections (tabs) including listed annotation.

No. TAB name SECTION name
1Protein info.Protein information
Original transcript information
2MemberCoresponding transcript membesr
3Motif Motif information
4FunctionGene function information
5PTMPost translational modification
6Subcellular loc.Subcellular localization information
7Protein structureProtein structure information (GTOP)
8EvolutionEvolutionary information
9PolymorphismPolymorphism (SNP) and microsatellite (Short Tandem Repeat, STR) information

Revised: February 16, 2010