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H-Inv protein ID: HIP000026480 Last modified: 27-May-2015
Definition: Sorting nexin-3; Protein SDP3;
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Protein annotation summary
H-Inv protein ID HIP000026480
Representative H-Inv transcript ID Transcript view HIT000036789
H-Inv cluster ID Locus view HIX0006117
Definitin Sorting nexin-3; Protein SDP3;
Similarity category Help Identical to known human protein(Category I).
Identical to known human protein (O60493) [Identity/coverage = 100.0%/100.0%] to Homo sapiens (Human). protein.
Gene family/group H-Inv gene family/group ID NA
Gene family/group name NA
Evidence motif (InterPro) ID NA
EC number NA
KEGG metabolic pathway NA
Protein-protein interaction (PPI) PPI viewer No. of interaction 7
Interaction partner(s) HIP000016317; HIP000016340; HIP000029181; HIP000035245; HIP000035245; HIP000099275; HIP000108799;
DIP 113385E; 114143E; 114423E; 115948E; 116654E; 116950E; 131676E; 131823E; 132059E; 132128E; 132356E; 132465E;
MINT MINT-63212;
HPRD 00828; 01809; 01819; 02740; 05442; 09231; 16051;
IntAct NA
Database links RefSeq NA
UniProt O60493 ;
CCDS O60493;
Genomic location G-integra Help Chromosome 6
Location 6q21
CDS position 108532730-108582242
Strand -
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