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H-Inv protein ID: HIP000049627 Last modified: 27-May-2015
Definition: Tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type 12; EC=; PTP-PEST; Protein-tyrosine phosphatase G1; PTPG1;
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Protein annotation summary
H-Inv protein ID HIP000049627
Representative H-Inv transcript ID Transcript view HIT000100498
H-Inv cluster ID Locus view HIX0033626
Definitin Tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type 12; EC=; PTP-PEST; Protein-tyrosine phosphatase G1; PTPG1;
Similarity category Help Identical to known human protein(Category I).
Identical to known human protein (Q05209) [Identity/coverage = 99.872%/100.0%] to Homo sapiens (Human). protein.
Gene family/group H-Inv gene family/group ID NA
Gene family/group name NA
Evidence motif (InterPro) ID NA
EC number EC protein-tyrosine-phosphatase
KEGG metabolic pathway 04514 Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) 04520 Adherens junction 04630 Jak-STAT signaling pathway 04660 T cell receptor signaling pathway 04662 B cell receptor signaling pathway 04670 Leukocyte transendothelial migration 04910 Insulin signaling pathway 04920 Adipocytokine signaling pathway 04940 Type I diabetes mellitus 05120 Epithelial cell signaling in Helicobacter pylori infection
Protein-protein interaction (PPI) PPI viewer No. of interaction 30
Interaction partner(s) HIP000023711; HIP000023711; HIP000024025; HIP000026410; HIP000027692; HIP000028984; HIP000030859; HIP000037230; HIP000042147; HIP000042679; HIP000044297; HIP000045632; HIP000054737; HIP000055341; HIP000059993; HIP000066993; HIP000078415; HIP000079240; HIP000079332; HIP000094122; HIP000096171; HIP000097703; HIP000097905; HIP000099536; HIP000099536; HIP000102834; HIP000103950; HIP000135231; HIP000144372; HIP000362748;
BIND 150157; 150159; 150160; 150161; 150162; 150163; 150165; 150166; 150167; 150168; 150169; 150170; 150224;
DIP 136426E; 136427E; 136430E; 136431E; 136432E; 136443E; 136458E; 136459E; 136540E; 136553E; 136584E; 136586E; 136587E; 136589E; 136590E; 136593E; 71140E;
MINT MINT-50149; MINT-50150; MINT-50151; MINT-50152; MINT-61767; MINT-61769; MINT-61770; MINT-61771; MINT-61772; MINT-61773; MINT-61774; MINT-61775; MINT-61776; MINT-61777; MINT-61778; MINT-61825; MINT-74926; MINT-74927; MINT-74933; MINT-74936;
HPRD 00226; 00286; 00342; 00547; 00579; 00697; 00808; 00975; 01080; 01280; 01281; 01423; 02314; 02571; 02786; 02971; 03380; 04248; 04381; 05116; 05891; 08639; 10104; 15225; 15489; 17137;
IntAct NA
Database links RefSeq NA
UniProt NA
Genomic location G-integra Help Chromosome 7
Location 7q11.23
CDS position 77166845-77269165
Strand +
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