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H-Inv protein ID: HIP000082794 Last modified: 27-May-2015
Definition: Similar to Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 13 isoform gamma proprotein.
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Protein function information
H-Inv protein ID HIP000082794
Representative H-Inv transcript ID Transcript view HIT000069829
H-Inv cluster ID Locus view HIX0013500
Definition Similar to Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 13 isoform gamma proprotein.
Similarity category Help Similar to known protein(Category II).
Similar to known protein (NP_742085) [Identity/coverage = 100.0%/100.0%] to Homo sapiens protein.
Gene family/group H-Inv gene family/group ID NA
Gene family/group name NA
Evidence motif (InterPro) ID NA
EC number NA
KEGG metabolic pathway NA
Protein-protein interaction (PPI) PPI viewer No. of interaction 14
Interaction partner(s) HIP000022035; HIP000022049; HIP000030471; HIP000032450; HIP000036913; HIP000036913; HIP000039653; HIP000040680; HIP000041686; HIP000057536; HIP000064456; HIP000075877; HIP000079240; HIP000083074;
DIP 11062E; 11067E;
HPRD 04122; 05365;
IntAct NA
Database links RefSeq NA
UniProt NA
Gene symbol/name HGNC symbol TNFSF13
HGNC aliases NA
HGNC name tumor necrosis factor (ligand) superfamily, member 13;
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