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H-InvDB_9.0 released on May 27, 2015.
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H-Invitational ID: HIT000057507 Accession number: BX648860 Created date: 26-Mar-2013 Last modified: 27-May-2015
Definition: Similar to Chaperone activity of bc1 complex-like, mitochondrial; Chaperone-ABC1-like; EC=2.7.11.-; aarF domain-containing protein kinase 3; Precursor;

Protein structure information (GTOP) GTOP Last modified:27-May-2015
Start End PDB_ID E-value Identity Coverage SCOP_ID
215 271 1y74A1 7e-22 17.5 57/57 a.194.1.1
263 545 1zylA1 3e-14 10.5 277/325 d.144.1.6
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