H-InvDB_9.0 released on May 27, 2015.
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H-InvDB topic annotation

fRNAdb: relation to functional RNA database entries (fRNAdb) [download]

Description: fRNAdb (http://www.ncrna.org/frnadb/) is a database for comprehensive non-coding RNA sequences. We mapped fRNAdb entries onto H-InvDB transcripts (HIT) and provide the relation for the overlapping entries based on the location of the human genome.

UM: Annotation for unmapped transcripts (UM transcripts) [download]

Description: There are many mRNA sequences which can not be aligned correctly onto the human reference genome due to several reasons. We annotated these UM mRNA sequences and categorized them according to the reason for the failure of mapping. Here, we provide the annotated set of UM genes which are predicted to be transcribed from the gap region or from the unsequenced region of the reference genome. These UM genes are supported by at least one line of evidence other than the alignment on the human reference genome. In addition, we also provide the annotation information for the chimera transcripts which may contain trans-splicing candidates or fusion transcripts transcribed from a rearranged genome.

This topc includes three sub-topics:

  1. Annotated UM genes supported by evidences other than alignment on the NCBI reference genome.
  2. Chimeric (fusion) transcripts
  3. Partially mapped transcripts

Subcellular: annotation of subcellular localzation[Download]

Description: We provide the annotation datasets for the subcellular localization prediction results.

5 predictions:

  1. SOSUI
  2. TMHMM
  3. TargetP
  4. PTS1

NEDO FL-cDNA PJ: annotation of NEDO full-length cDNA project [Download]

Description: We provide the detailed annotation data for the H-InvDB_6.0 representative transcripts and NEDO human full-length cDNA sequences (rep. + NEDO-PJ).

  1. summary of anntaion
  2. evolutionary conservation and coding-potential
  3. expression frequency based on EST and CAGE tags