This consists of the following three systems.

Genome viewerGenome Browser
The Generic Genome Browser is a combination of database and interactive Web page for manipulating and displaying annotations on genomes.(gbrowse)
LDLD Search System
A search system for linkage disequilibrium (LD) bins.
VaryGene 2

This is a system to search, display, and download our research results on human polymorphism based on publicly available data and annotations of transcripts presented by H-InvDB. It provides information about single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), deletion-insertion polymorphisms (DIPs), short tandem repeats (STRs), single amino acid repeats (SARs), structural variation (or copy number variations: CNVs), and their relations to the genome, transcripts, and functional domains.


Search this system by features of polymorphism or effects of polymorphism on transcribed products.
Search this system by H-Inv Transcripts.
Search this system by features of STRs or SARs.
Search this system by features of CNVs.
Web Service